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April 27


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Dirty Jobs (Masky X Reader X Hoodie) One-shot

You smiled at your reflection in the mirror, making one last effort to contain your (H/l) (h/c) locks in a bun. With your backpack on you raced down the stairs. “Bye mom. I’ll see you when I get back!” You called over your shoulder, throwing open the door in your excitement. Your mother looked at you in confusion, “Where are you going again?” She asked, not quite ready to let you leave. You smiled and glanced at her, “Spring cleaning day at my friends house. They need my help.” Sighing your mother smiled slightly. “I wish you were so eager to clean this house.” She joked. You laughed, waved goodbye, and closed the door.

Today you were headed to Slender Mansion to help the pastas clean their house. It wasn’t that they couldn’t do it themselves, they just needed some motivation. They were all randomly assigned jobs, so you came prepared for whatever you got elected to do.

Cutting through the trees, you raced towards the dark mansion. The door swung open right as you approached out of breath, Jeff leaning in the door frame. “Hey… guys…” You panted, walking into the dark house. It wasn’t as dark as usual with the black curtains tied back and the windows open. The light almost made it look like a different house. Almost. The people really gave it away. All the killers were gathered in the living room waiting for their assignments; Jeff followed you in after closing the door.

Slendy stood in the center and ‘looked’ at you. You fought hard to restrain laughter at his appearance. A bright pink apron covered his black suit, yellow gloves adorning each of his tentacles. You looked at the floor, not trusting yourself enough to look at the tall man without laughing. “It is good of you to join us (y/n). We were a few short for the jobs.” His voice spoke in your head. You smiled, glancing up briefly, “Glad I could make it.” You said. Without further explanation, Slendy started announcing the list. “BEN, clean the kitchen. Jeff, you have the bathrooms.” Each of the respective killers complained, earning a disapproving glance from Slenderman. You chuckled under your breath and waited to hear your name called. “Sally and Jane, you have dusting. Toby, Eyeless Jack, and Laughing Jack will clean the floors. All of them.” He said, ‘looking’ at each of the pastas. They nodded without much protest, except for Toby who whined loudly. “Ah, finally Masky, Hoodie and (y/n). You will give Smile a bath.” He said. “He’s been extra filthy lately.” You glanced at the dog and grimaced. He was coated in dirt and what you actually hoped was blood.

Everyone separated to do their chores, leaving you and the two proxies still in the living room. “So… Good thing I brought shorts just in case.” You smirked and grabbed your backpack. Masky and Hoodie nodded and looked at Smile. He sat there innocently, clueless to what was to come.

~~~~~~~Short Time skip~~~~~~

The water splashed into the small kiddie pool in the back yard as you and Masky filled it with soap. Hoodie was busy coxing smile outside. Each of you had changed into shorts and grabbed all you would need for the job. Honestly, you hadn’t expected needing to bring anything for washing a dog and hoped you wouldn’t get too wet. Though… a little water wouldn’t hurt.

You grabbed the hose and held the end, quickly spraying Masky with water. “Hey!” He said and stepped back sharply. You laughed and shrugged, “You know what they say about all work and no play.” You said, slightly singing your rhyme. A jet of water shot towards your face. You shook the water free and glared around. “Who did that!?” You asked, waving around the hose. Hoodie and Masky high fived, a water gun hanging from Hoodie’s hand. You smirked, “So that’s how it’s going to be.” You said and sprayed them both with the hose.

Within a few minutes, all three of you were soaked and panting. “I guess… we should wash… Smile now…” You panted, trying not to start laughing again. Masky nodded silently and turned towards the house. The dog trotted out into the yard, his human smile showing his happiness. The two proxies looked at each other, agreeing on a silently said plan. They each went in separate directions towards Smile. The dog seemed to sense something wrong and started running just in time for the two boys to make a colorful and wet pile on the ground.

You ran in front of Smile, soaking him with the hose. He howled as if you had shot him and charged towards you. You started running backwards and slipped with a splash into the kiddie pool you had filled earlier. So much for not wanting to be soaked after all. By then the proxies had recovered and started chasing the now wet dog around the yard. You watched in amusement as they slid through the grass.

Pushing your hands underneath you, you were about to stand up. Out of nowhere a yellow mass crushed you back into the pool with another splash. You gasped, water coating your face once again. Not even a second later, another body piled on top of you, this one clad in orange. “Can’t… breath…!” You gasped as the two boys crushed you. Masky shoved Hoodie off with a laugh, landing him in even more water as he scooted off of you. You sat up, taking in large gulps of air. The two proxies laughed at you. “Well this isn’t a strange sight.” Hoodie chuckled, splashing the water. You looked around and laughed. All three of you were sitting cramped in the small kiddie pool, soaking wet and grinning.

Suddenly, another body jumped into the pool, cramping it up even more. You laughed and petted Smile’s head. “Seems he didn’t want left out of the fun.” You smiled and looked up  just as two pairs of lips smushed your cheeks. Masky and Hoodie replaced their masks before you fully recovered from shock. “Thanks for the help (y/n).” Masky said. “It was a lot of fun.” Hoodie added. You felt your face heat up and you smiled, “Thanks guys.”

All of your heads whipped over at the sound of an elfish laugh, “This is totally going on Facebook.” BEN said, holding up a camera. You glanced at the two proxies as they stared at BEN. A devilish smirk appeared on your face as you grabbed the hose, “Let’s get him!” You said and jumped to your feet.

The yard was full of screams and laughter for the rest of the day.
Due to today's cleaning spree I got this random idea. Hope it's alright!

Masky and Hoodie belong to Marble Hornets
BEN Drowned to Jusudable
Ticci Toby belongs to Kastoway
Jeff, Jane, Sally, Slendy, Ej, Lj,  and anyone else belongs to their respective owners.
You belong to you
The story is mine
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